Conservation is the Key
            Forests are essential to life on earth. They generate oxygen, store carbon, and play host to a variety of plant and animal species as well as indigenous communities. Studies have shown that there is a enormous reserve of carbon in the nations forests. The forest is home to many different species and habitats. Forests are a vital part of many ecosystems. Ensuring a healthy ecosystem that includes forests also means sustainable preservation of other species that dwell in the forests. Conservation of ecosystems and species within them would help maintain the natural balance. Protecting our nations forests will ensure that these species and habitats will live on for generations to come. As you search the internet for saving the forests you will find many, however most of the forests that are wanting to be saved are overseas; what about America’s forests. As you drive through Americas small towns, large towns, country towns, there is building going on everywhere. Large Earth movers clearing the land, tearing down trees and habitats, forcing the animals to search for some type of habitat for them to try and make a new home, talk about overcrowding. No wonder there are deer jumping through windows of restaurants right in the middle of the city, and every few miles there is dead deer on the side of the highway; crazy huh? These large earth moving machines are making way for a new Wal-Mart, Kroger or a new Housing development; meanwhile the buildings they moved out of sit empty. Why can‘t they tear down the building they move out of and restore the land back to its natural state. Eighty percent of our Nations forests have been cleared, fragmented, or otherwise degraded. Over the past 150 years, deforestation has contributed an estimated thirty percent of the atmospheric build-up of CO2. Since 1970, wood and water consumption has almost doubled; carbon dioxide emissions have increased two and a half times; freshwater systems have declined by fifty percent; and the worlds forest cover has decreased by thirteen percent. This has been the most destructive period in the history of the natural world.
The Dream...
       The year is 2006, Dad is Brainstorming,sell trees, memorial trees,create a tourist farm, agritourism-agrotourism.

       Slow process getting started. We are spending a lot of time searching and learning about the internet. Still working everyday thinking about things that can be done on the farm. How about Kentucky Ziplines.

       I have been brainstorming too! My thoughts come from things I experience. I got married in October of 2007 in a beautiful chapel in Cumberland Gap Tennessee. We stayed in a little cabin atop Clinch Mountain in Tennessee. Home of the Vinegar Pie. We didn't try any. Were not vinegar people. Naturally with the excitement of the wedding and our honeymoon it got me to thinking about a wedding chapel on the farm when I was looking for a chapel and couldn't find one around our area on of the most beautiful parts of Kentucky. The chapel also got me thinking why not. Cabins, yes 200 acres plenty of room for a few cabins in the woods. All great Ideas, all great possibilities. Kentucky Ziplines.

       The thing about preservation is we want to keep the land as natural as possible. Thats the beauty of the land. The serenity is something to be appreciated.

       April 2008, Ball practice has started. I love to see my son play ball. My husband and I took a walk one night in this a little park behind the school where practice was taking place. Its called the land lab. The schools take the children out there and teach them about nature. There is also this area back there called the ropes course, it includes a zip line.

       Lightbulb! I looked at my husband and said that is what we need on the farm! We stood there and discussed it for about 45 minutes. What a great idea.

       I went home and goggled zip lines, wow! There were these tourist attractions called zip lines and canopy tours. I knew this was it. I went to dad and told him about the idea. He started researching the business. He got as excited as I did. We think this is the way to preserve our beautiful place, and keep the natural beauty!

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